an ancient form of healing

"Health depends on harmony with our souls". Dr. Edward Bach.


Flower remedies work to heal emotional problems such as stress in adults, children and animals.


After having a successful career in orthodox medicine, Dr. Bach worked in the London Homeopathic hospital as a pathologist and bacteriologist. He combined his knowledge as an orthodox practitioner with Samuel Hahnemann's idea

(founder of homoeopathy), that the personality could effect the outcome of a patient's recovery.

He however changed from using bacteria to a more gentle method by using plants.

Dr. Bach observed that individual people had different needs and responses to the same diseases.He also knew that they received the same medicine despite these differences. The remedies that he developed are usedto complement other treatments.

These remedies treat the emotional condition of the patient therefore aid the physical condition. They support the emotional state (anxiety, depression and trauma) which can stop the healing process. Flower remedies used preventively, may stop further unforeseen illness.

They can be taken with other medication. They are not harmful and can be taken from the new-born to the elderly. Much success has been found in treating children and animals and you cannot fool an animal!

However they are not intended to replace conventional medicine

but can aid it.Always consult your doctor if you wish to make any changes to

your health programme and never stop medication given to you by your doctor. Healing with flowers is an ancient form of healing.